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July 2019



DSCN0767.JPGDSCN0764.JPGDSCN0762.JPGDSCN0761.JPGDSCN0760.JPGDSCN0758.JPGDSCN0756.JPGDSCN0755.JPGDSCN0754.JPGDSCN0753.JPGDSCN0752.JPGDSCN0751.JPGDSCN0743.JPGDSCN0750.JPGDSCN0744.JPGDSCN0747.JPGDSCN0746.JPGDSCN0741.JPGDSCN0742.JPGDSCN0741.JPGDSCN0740.JPGlarge_DSCN0742.JPG----------------- I disembarked from the train at Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria , England ,station,to catch the classic bus to Hawes. This is a timetabled service that only runs once a week. The bus is a Leyland from 1949, seats 35 passengers. There are 3 steps up to gain access, ( there can"t have been many walking stick people around in 1949. ! ) There is a Conductor to collect fares, because in the old days the driver is in a separate cab. The English Free Pensioners Pass is valid. On return the bus picks up at Old Rail yard ,the centre of town and the Creamery. The trip, arriving at 12-30 gave me two hours to fill, and fill them i did.----------------------HAWES is in North Yorkshire in the Yorkshire Dales among beautiful hilly scenery. I started my visit at Wensleydale Creamery in Gayle Lane. Entrance fee of £4-95 included a very interesting demonstration of Cheese and Butter Making . In a separate building was a display of cheese and butter making also a area of Kids education . Wallace and Gromit was on display, Wallace and Gromit in the cartoon show said their favourite food was Wensleydale Cheese. This gave Wensleydale cheese sales a boost. ..There is a viewing gallery of the work area..There are 250,000 visitors a year to the Creamery. The Creamery as a staff of 224.--------------Leaving the Creamery i walked down the hill to Hawes town centre about 400 m. There was a small market in the main street,It was busy, i noticed loads of pubs and eating places, including two Fish and Chip shops. i did not have time to partake, has i made my way to the Ropemakers. Outhwaite Ropemakers have been around for years, making bannister ropes, dog leads,clothes lines etc, entrance was free.-----------On my route to the bus stop , was St. Margaret of Antioch Parish Church, a quick visit and on to bus.--- This was a very enjoyable,busy,day out , my legs ached , but i was happy.- The bus arrived at Kirkby Stephen station for my connection.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The above trip was taken mainly for the Classic Bus journey. ----With access from the Settle To Carlisle railway line at Garsdale station ,there is a more regular bus service run by The Little White Bus, 7 days a week ,4 times a day. to Hawes. www.littlewhitebus.co.uk------------------------- I believe the name Hawes is an old Norse word for a gap or pass in mountains. it is hilly round here.

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